Our Vision & Mission:

Our Vision & Mission: Prudent accounting management and cash management of government finances and maintaining judicious cash-flows to all the treasuries while ensuring efficient control over expenditure vis-à-vis budgetary allocations through the TreasuryNet application. Objectives: Promote efficient functioning of treasuries in the state for efficient management/ monitoring of government finances, control over expenditure & proper maintenance of accounts.

Details of business transacted by the Organization:

The department conducts business of the following nature through the network of treasury across the length & breadth of the State (as well as outside the State through J&K Treasury New Delhi/ Mumbai):

Receipt of money on account of Government Account & Payments of money out of Government Account. Conduct sale and issue of Stamps Papers (both judicial and non-judicial), Revenue Stamps etc.

Disbursement of Pension and Other Retirement Benefits of the retired government officials and other pensioners.

Regulate, monitor and implement New Pension (Defined Contribution) Scheme in the Government Departments, Corporations and Autonomous Bodies w.e.f. 01.01.2010.

Details of Customers:

The following are the customers/ clients to whom services are provided by this organization:

Drawing & Disbursing Officers who draw money from treasuries or remit money into treasuries form the main class of customers/ clients of this Organization. Besides, the various classes of pensioners drawing pension through treasuries are also customers/ clients of this Organization through treasuries. General public who also occasionally remit money into treasuries for credit to Government Account.

Statement of Services provided to each citizen/ client group with time limits thereof:

The only service provided by this organization to its clients/ customers is the receipt of money and payment of money on account of government account against proper authority substantiated by proper orders of the competent authority against approved/ authorized budget estimates on presentation of a proper challan/ claim duly signed/ authenticated by the appropriate authority/ person. The time limits within which such services are to be provided are laid down under SRO 306 of 1981 (forming annexure hereto).However, providing of such service is subject to availability of resources of the Government & on after such period of time as may be decided by the Government having regard to the resources availability of the State Government.

Details of Grievances Redressal Mechanism & how to access the same:

The Grievances Redressal Mechanism to sort out the grievances if any felt/ arises on account of service delivery/ providing of services by this organization by any client/ customer alongwith procedure for accessing the same is detailed as under:
Against whom grievance To whom approach for redressal
Sub/ Muffasil Treasury District Treasury Officer Concerned
District/ Sadder Treasury Director Accounts Treasuries concerned
The concerned client/ customer could approach the concerned grievance redressal authority through a written request setting in there-under brief but complete/ accurate details of his grievance and the officer/ official responsible for the grievance so caused

Expectations from the Citizens/ Clients & Customers

Since treasuries are assigned/ charged with the vital responsibility of Cash Management and each corner thereof is dealing with sensitive instruments, as such while approaching these units for service delivery must show decency & responsibility in seeking the service and show maximum patience while the concerned hands are busy in official work. Besides, the Cash Management of the State for meeting/ release of payments on account of various kinds of claims is being dealt by the Government at the highest level on daily basis, as such it is beyond the authority of these treasury to release payment against any claim/ Bill unless Cash Management/Payment thereof is authorized by the Government, as such no pressure for release of any kind of payment should be resorted, instead the service shall be delivered/ provided automatically as and when Cash is managed by the Government/ treasury receives the payment authority. Further, while presenting claims/ Challans, the presenter must ascertain beforehand his authority to present the claim, genuines of the claim, fulfilment of all codal requirements thereof.