Our Mission

Our Mission :

Prudent Accounting Management and  Cash Management  of   Government finances and maintaining judicious cash-flows to all the treasuries while ensuring efficient control over expenditure vis-à-vis budgetary allocations through the TreasuryNet application.

Objectives :

  • Achieve state-wide computerisation  of financial transactions of the Government for efficient monitoring.
  • Promote efficient functioning of Treasuries in the State through automation.
  • Efficient management of Government finances.
  • Control over expenditure / proper maintenance of accounts.
  • Cadre Management of both Gazetted and Non-Gazetted officials.
  • Monitor reconciliation process and audit paragraph reviews.
  • Impart training to Finance Managers and Accounts personnel.
  • Inspections of Treasuries and Audit of Local Bodies.
  • Preparation of annual budget and regulate release of funds to subordinate offices / treasuries.
Functions :
  • Regulate payments at  Treasuries for better management of the resources and  keep watch over progress of expenditure against released allocations to the DDOs.
  • Conduct sale and issue of Stamps Papers (both judicial and non-judicial), revenue stamps etc. through treasuries network.
  • Carry out all receipts and payment transactions of the Government through Treasuries network.
  • Disburse pension and other retirement benefits of the retired government officials and other pensioners.
  • Ensure monthly drawals / remittances verification of all the DDOs by the Treasury Officers.
  • Conduct physical verification of stores and stocks annually.
  • Manage the cadre activities of the Gazetted and Non-Gazetted staff of Accounts & Treasuries Organisation.
  • Organize training of the officers and accounts personnels and also of   officials of the other Departments.
  • Exercise budgetary control of Directorate of Local Fund Audit & Pensions , Provincial Joint Directors of Accounts & Treasuries, Principals of Accountancy Training Institutes and the Treasuries.
  • Conduct periodical  inspection of Treasuries.
  • Ensure  adherence to procedures , rules and prescribed calendar for submission of accounts for  regular and proper maintenance of accounts.
  • Utilising optimally audit/ inspections/ monitoring as tools for ensuring financial discipline.
  • Lay down accounting  procedure , providing guidance and advise to the Government Departments and Autonomous Bodies / Institutions in accounting related matters.
  • Conduct audit of local body institutions.
  • Exercise vigilance to ensure expeditious settlement of  pension cases, ensure reconciliation of departmental figures (receipts/  expenditure) with those booked in the Accountant General’s office and undertake periodical reviews to assess the quality of reporting compliances with audit findings  and inspections notes by the subordinate offices and treasuries.
  • Perform advisory role in the conduct of Public Accounts Committee,  Committee on Public Undertakings and Estimates Committee meetings.
  • Maintain seniority lists of Finance Officers and other Accounts personnel , deal with their service matters , promotions, transfers ,  deputations , pension cases, court cases , conduct and other disciplinary matters.
  • Monitor work of subordinate offices like Director Local Fund Audit & Pensions, Joint Directors Accounts & Treasuries , Principals of Accountancy Training Institutes.
  • Examine and process proposals for opening of new treasuries.
  • Coordinate on various common accounting, classification and other issues between Finance Department, Accountant General, J&K Bank and RBI.
  • Computerisation of employees and pensioners data basis.
  • Regulate, monitor and implement New Pension (Defined Contribution) Scheme in the government, corporations and autonomous bodies from 01.01.2010 onwards.