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Directorate General of Accounts & Treasuries:
The Director General Accounts & Treasuries administers control (both financial and administrative) over various units. These include two Directorates, Two Sadder Treasuries, 6 Addltional Treasuries, 20 District Level Treasuries, 99 Muffasil/Sub Treasuries 1 Civil Secretariat Treasury , One New Delhi Treasury and One Mumbai Treasury. Beginning from the Director Finance/FA&CAO level to the level of Assistant Accounts Officer, the Director General administers the Cadre management, besides the Cadre management of the Ministerial Cadre of Accounts & Treasuries, Funds Organization and Audit & Inspection Department. Compilation, consolidation of budget and release of funds to all its units is another important function of the Director General. The management of the Cashier Cadre and the management of cash to all the State Treasuries are administered by the Director General. This office is also vested with the powers to inspect the treasuries. It also controls the overall activities of its sub-ordinate units.

Directorate of Accounts and Treasuries Jammu/Kashmir.
These offices ensure the smooth working of the directorate and provide immediate disposal of the problems of the organization at the provincial level. These provincial offices administer the Cadre management of Accountants and Account Assistants. The treasuries that come under the purview of the provincial Directorate Offices are the respective Sadder, District, Muffasil and Sub- treasuries. The Civil Secretariat Treasury, the treasury at New Delhi & Mumbai come under the direct control of the Director General. The Directorate receives the cases and other information, examine them and then forward them to the office of the Director General for further disposal

Accountancy Training institutes:
There are two Accountancy training institutes located at Jammu and Srinagar each headed by a Principal. The institutes come under the direct control of the Director General. The main functions of the institutes are to impart Accountancy training to the selected KAS officers, ACC trainees and other departmental candidates. It can be classified as the training or Academic Sector of the Accounts and Treasuries Organization. It aims at providing trained and capable personnel to the Government departments and ensures financial discipline in the departments. The Director General Accounts and Treasuries after the completion of the term of training posts the trainees in various departments after which they are required to qualify the prescribed Examinations to be conducted by the State PSC. This follows their appointment as Accounts Assistants and thereafter the appearing and qualifying the State SAC-1 exams conducted by the State PSC. After qualifying the said exam, these are adjusted as Accountants and thereafter they have to qualify the last exam viz, SAC-2. After qualifying the said exam they are promoted as Assistant Accounts officers. After which they get their future promotions as per seniority.