Training for implementation of "JKPaySys" application in the State vide No. FD-VII-Gen(110)2009-10 dated 08.05.2019.
Adherence to rules by the Executing Agencies/Drawing Disbursing Officers while incurring expenditure out public exchequer vide no DGAT/PS/DR/123 dated 26.04.2019.
Handling of liabilities during the current financial year (circular No. FD(Res/CSS/Meeting Briefs/2019/317 dated 12.04.2019).
Online submission of Bills in Treasuries for processing by Drawing and Disbursing Officers through IT enabled "JKPaySys" application (circular No.111-F of 2019 dated 05.04.2019).
EXPENDITURE  NORMS  (vide No. DGAT/PS/DR/109 dated 02.04.2019).
Allocation under Centrally Sponsored Schemes and timely submission of Utilization Certificates by the Departments (vide No. FD/Res/CSS/2018-19/309/168 dated 20.03.2019).
Expenditure Reforms: Streamlining spending in Government Departments to avoid last minute rush of expenditure (vide No. DGAT/PS/DR/95 dated 20.03.2019).
Electronic mode of payment from the treasuries of J&K State (vide No.DGAT/T-ADM/ET/101/60/40 dated 14.03.2019).
Implementation of New Pension System (NPS) in Jammu and Kashmir State (vide No. DGAT/PS/DR/25 dated 17.01.2019).
Submission of Pension Cases of Retiring Employees to the office of Accountant General (A&E), J&K before six months of their Retirement, vide circular No. DGAT/PAC/Pension/157/III/PS/DR/07 dated 07.01.2019.
Circular regarding processing of bills for payments in the TreasuryNet, vide No.DGAT/PS/DR/561 dated 14.12.2018.
Circular regarding working of treasuries, vide No. DGAT/PS/DR/550 dated 12.12.2018.
Omissions and errors of accounting nature in Monthly Civil Accounts, vide No. DGAT/T-Misc/CL.Bal/155-IV/217/PS/DR/542 dated 07.12.2018.
Contribution towards the Armed Forces Flag Day Fund, vide No. DGAT/PS/DR/540 dated 07.12.2018.
Submission of Property Returns by Public Servants vide No. DGAT/CAE-Misc-44/243 dated 12.11.2018).
Bio-data of members of J&K Accounts Service, vide No. DGAT/PS/DR/480 dated 24.10.2018.
Deduction of TDS on account of salary arrears of 7th pay commission, vide No. DGAT/T-Misc/TDS/2018/373 dated 24.10.2018).
Capturing Allocations/Expenditure under Treasury Net/BEAMS, vide No. DGAT/PS/DR/477 dated 23.10.2018).
Submission of Annual Performance Reports (APRs), vide No. DGAT/PS/DR/449 dated 11.10.2018.
Reconciliation of Accounts (vide No.DGAT/PS/DR/428 dated 24.09.2018).
Monthly status update on implementation of National Pension System (NPS) in State Autonomous Bodies (SABs) of Jammu and Kashmir.
Non-compliance of transfer/posting orders (vide No. DGAT/PS/DR/N-Adm/319 dated 12.09.2018).
Delay in Repayment of advance and interest thereon (vide No. DGAT/T-MISC/91-IV/322 dated 27.08.2018).
SMS alert for GP Fund Account holders (vide No. DGAT/T-Misc/GPF/37/210 dated 19.06.2018).
Rationalization Pension Structure for pre 01.01.2016 Pensioners/ Family Pensioners (vide DGAT/PAC/Pension/157-IV/146 dated 30.05.2018).
Regularization of Ministerial Staff borne on the establishment of Inter-Seniority Organization, NOTICE).
Appointment against the post of Accounts Assistants (Apprentice) in Finance Department Vide Order no 37-Acctts of 2018 dated 29.01.2018(Notice)
Submission of Original testimonials of  Data Entry Operators under State Cadre in Finance Department.(Notice)
Grant of Functional/Non Functional pay Scale(s) to the Junior Scale Accounts Officers of J&K, Accounts (Gazetted) Service. (NOTICE)
Integration of BEAMS with TreasuryNet and necessary updation of DDO Code/AG Code.
Expenditure Management during the last week of Financial Year 2017-18 (vide No. DGAT/PS/DR/137 dated 24.03.2018).
Providing status of pension cases through SMS gateway (vide No. DGAT/PAC/GC/1518/136 dated 20.03.2018).
Delegation of Drawing and Disbursing Powers in favour of Accounts Officers and Chief Accounts Officers (vide No. DGAT/T-262/8/156 dated 19.03.2018).
List of J&K State Government Employees retiring in the year ending 31.03.2018(2017-18).
Uploading of budget on PAYSYS AND Pay and Accounts Office System (vide No. DGAT/PS/DR/98 dated 08.03.2018).
Implementation of Centralized Personnel Information System (CPIS) in the J&K State Access, Verification and updation of the data by the DDOs required for Pay Manager/PAO System (vide No.DGAT/Comp-Try/CPIS/467-A/08 dated 07.03.2018).
Roll out of Pay & Accounts Office System (vide No.DGAT/PS/DR/93 dated 06.03.2018).
Operating upon new head "Wages (Outsourcing)" for payments of wages to various categories.
Contribution towards the Armed Force Flag Day Fund ( vide No. DGAT/T-Misc/Fund/102/PS/DR/19 dated 09.01.2018).
NPS Performance Review of State Government of Jammu and Kashmir through Video conference/Telephonic Review with PFRDA on 14th December, 2017 (vide No.DGAT/PS/DR/414 dated 19.12.2017).
Outstanding replies to Audit Paras & Audit Inspection Reports by the Government Departments/DDOs (vide No. DGAT/PS/DR/410 dated 18.12.2017).
Implementation of Centralized Personnel Information System (CPIS) in the J&K State. Access, Verification and updation of data by the DDO's (vide No.DGAT/Comp-Try/CPIS/467-A/53 dated 21.11.2017).
Opening of official e-mail in respect of Director General, Accounts & Treasuries, Finance Department (vide No.DGAT/PS/DR/327 dated 09.10.2017)
Accounting and settlement of contingent expenditure of Government of J&K in contravention of Codal Provisions (vide No. DGAT/TA/Circulars/2017/188/PS/DR/315 dated 26.09.2017).
Eight-tier classification for booking of expenditure under Centrally Sponsored Schemes (CSS) (vide No.DGAT/PS/DR/105 dated 18.04.2017).
Withdrawal of money from Treasuries through self cheques by Works/Forest Divisions-Advisory thereof (No.DGAT/T-Adm/Misc/ET/101/283 dated 09.03.2017).
Duties and Responsibilities of Assistant Accounts Officers Vide Circular No.03-RD & PR of 2017 dated 24.01.2017.
Contribution towards the Armed Force Flag Day Fund (No.DGAT/PS/DR/419 dated 07.12.2016).
Implementation of Centralized Personnel Information System (CPIS) in the J&K State. Access, Verification and updation of the data by the DDO's ( No.DGAT/Comp-Try/CPIS/467/PS/DR/408 dated 28.11.2016).
Review of attendance of employees in the Government Offices.
Electronic mode of payments from the treasuries of J&K State (No.DGAT/PS/DR/321 dated 16.08.2016).
Reconciliation of Receipt and Expenditure figures for the year 2015-16 (No.DGAT/PS/DR/282 dated 22.06.2016).
Excess payment of pension in favourof AIS Officers-verification thereof (No. DGAT/T-Misc/JK Bank/167/71 dated 17.06.2016).
Cash neutral Transactions from the treasuries of J&K State.
Payment of additional Pension to be paid to the elderly Pensioners.
Electronic mode of payments from the treasuries of J&K State (vide No. DGAT/PS/DR/155 dated 07.04.2016).
Drawal of Salary for the month of March, 2016.
Circular regarding advance drawals,revalidations,payments at treasuries & Government Cheques.
Circular regarding presentation of cheques at the treasuries by Drawing & Disbursing Officers.
Strict implementation of SRO-157 of 2001 dated 26.04.2001 (vide No. DGAT/PAC/1382-I/108 dated 16.02.2016). 
Renewal of Group Mediclaim Insurance policy for all Gazetted Employees of J&K State for 3rd Year(2016-2017) on mandatory basis.
Electronic mode of payments from the treasuries of J&K State.
Streamlining and avoiding rush of expenditure in the last few days of March, 2016.
Superannuation of Class-IV borne on Accounts and Treasuries Organization during the calander Year 2016,2017 and 2018.
Superannuation of Sectional Officers borne on Accounts and Treasuries Organization during the calander Year 2016,2017 and 2018.
Superannuation of the Accounts Personal of Various Public Sector Undertakings/Corporations presently on Deputation to Finance Department (Directorate General of Accounts and Treasuries) as Accounts Assistants,during the Calender Years 2016,2017 and 2018.
Superannuation of Members of Kashmir Subordinate Accounts Service,Class-III,(Accounts Assistants) during the Calender Years 2016,2017 and 2018.
Superannuation of Members of Kashmir Subordinate Accounts Service,Class-II,(Accountants) during the Calender Years 2016,2017 and 2018.
Superannuation of Members of Jammu and Kashmir Accounts (Gazetted) Service from GovernmentService during the Calender Years 2016,2017 and 2018.
Contribution towards the Armed Force Flag Day Fund.
Superannuation of Members of Kashmir Subordinate Accounts Service,Class-I,(Assistant Accounts Officers) during the Calender Years 2016,2017 and 2018.
Submission of Annual Property Returns.
Cash Neutral Transactions from the Treasuries of J&K State.
Circular No.DGAT-Comp-Try-Aadhaar.55 dated 30.11.2015
Submission of Government Employees Aadhaar Number, No.DGAT-PS-DR-508 dated 23.10.2015
Clarification of Pensions and other benefits to AIS Officers,retiring from Govt.of India-St.Govts. exercising of option.No.DGAT-TI-417 dt.11.09.2015
Payment of Salary at Treasuries . No.DGAT-PS-DR-456 dated 03.09.2015
Deduction of Premium towards Group Personnel Accendial Insurnace Policy for the year 2015-16 , DGAT-TI-MISC-334 dated 28.08.2015
Reconcillation of Departmental Expenditure-Receipt Accounts for the year 2014-15
Duties and functions of Accounts Assistants , Accountants, Assistant Accounts Officers , No.DGAT-PS-DR-403, dated 29.07.2015
Annual Performance Reports (APRs) , NO.DGAT-PS-DR-373 dated 02.07.2015
ANNUAL REVIEW ON WORKING OF TREASURIES (J&K STATE) FOR THE YEAR 2012-13, No.DGAT-TI-Annual Review2012-13-393 dated 19.06.2015
Rationalization of Pension of Pre-01.01.2006 , Pensioners-family pensioners in terms of G.O. No. 57- F of 2013 dated 11.03.2013, No.DGAT-PAC-157-III-22, dated 15.05.2015
Reconcillation of Dep. Exp. Figures and Receipt for the FY 2014-15, No.DGAT-PAC-1382-I-2015-21 dated 14.05.2015
Opening of official Acc. by the Officers-Officials in the J& K Bank. NoDGAT-PS-DR-202 dated 08.04.2015
Circular Instructions regarding payment of bills-cheques at treasuries on 31 March , No.DGAT-PS-DR-130, dated 10.03.2015
Initiation, Review and Acceptance of Annual Performance Reports, No DGAT-CAE-Misc-47-253 Dated 23.02.2015
Accountal of Sale proceeds of Stamp on net basis by Try.Officers- Audit Paras regarding No.DGAT-T-Misc-201-15-60 dated 12.02.2015
Annual Performance Reports of officers-officials , Circular No. 01(CAE) DGAT of 2015 , dated 11.02.201
Contribution towards the Cancer Treatment and Managemant Fund , NO.DGAT-PS-DR-22 dated 23.01.2015
Report of Task Force for revival of Public Sector Enterprises, No.DGAT-PS-DR-25 dated 22.01.2015
Reconstruction of data , No.DGAT-PS-DR-19 , dated 16.01.2015
Non-availability of details of deductions in the memorandum of payments of Chest Holding DDOs, No.DGAT-Comp-Try-Leaseline-2014 -02 dated 14.01.2015
Implementation of CPIS in the J&K State -Completion of Employees and Pensioners data thereof.No.DGAT-Comp-Try-CPIS-467-A-01, dated 05.01.2015
Contribution towards the Armed Forces Flag Day Fund , No.DGAT-T-Misc-102-587 dated 26.12.2014
Submission of Annual Property Returns and APRs , No.DGAT-General-2014-15-103 dated 28.11.2014
Outstanding Advance-Imprest amounts against Officers-Officials of the works department , No. DGAT-PS-DR-512 dated 08.07.2014
Procedure for uploading of NPS pertaining to the emp. on dep or transfer to Aut.Bodies-Corpns, No. DGAT-Ps-DR-506 dated 03.07.2014
Procedure for Collection of Govt. receipts and reconcillation thereof . No.DGAT-T-Adm-Misc-05-257 , dated 17.04.2014
Rendition of Monthly Accounts , No.DGAT-PS-DR-308 dated 16.04.2014
Imparting of Accountancy Training to the Employees of Various PSU's and Autonomous Bodies , No.DGAT-PS-DR-E-III -ACC-134-86 dated 09.04.2014
Remittance of NPS funds solely throuh electronic mode(NEFT-RTGS) from 1st. April 2014, No.DGAT-PS-DR-209 dated 12.03.2014
Reconcillation of expenditure-receipt figures ,No.DGAT-PAC-MA-NM-2013-55 dated 10.03.2014
Submission of Annual Performance Reports (APRs) , No.DGAT-HQ-EC-29, dated 26.02.2014
Submission of Annual Performace Reports(APRs) No.DAT-CAE-EI-EII-EIII-17 , dated 11.02.2014
Defence Political (Central) Pension etc. No.DGAT-PS-DR-74 dated 03.02.2014
Rendition of accounts complete in all respects by the Works-Forest Division and other cheque drawing units No.DGAT-PS-DR-73 dated 03.02.2014
Computerization of Treasuries-producing of cheques for payment at the Trys by the Divisional DDOs in a single head Classification thereof No.DGAT-PS-DR-31 dated 16.01.2014
Reconcillation of expenditure-receipt figures No.DGAT-PS-DR-04 dated 01.01.2014
Endorsing of copies of sanctions-Govt.Orders to Principal AG (Audit) & AG(A&E) , J&K , No.DGAT-PS-DR-01 dated 01.01.2014
Declaration of Assets and submission of property returns by Public Servants No.DGAT-Prop-Stmt-2013-107 dated 26.12.2013
Mandatory use of 4 Star and above rated electrical fittings -appliances air conditioners heaters in the State No.DGAT-PS-DR-265 dated 17.12.2013
Reconcillation of GPF SLI Accounts by the DDOs with District Fund Officers No.DGAT-PS-DR-264 dated 17.12.2013
Filling of Monthly Return on Form No.24 G and Book Identification No.(BIN) by Treasury Officers No.DGAT-PS-DR-258 dated 13.12.2013
Registration of Drawing and Disbursing Officer under SRO 90 of 2013 dated 18.03.2013 No.DGAT-PS-DR-249 dated 10.12.2013
Implemantation of CPIS .Providing of the information to the Empanelled Vendors thereof. No.DGAT-Comp-Try-CPIS-467-91 dated 14.08.2013
Implementation of CPIS _Submission of Employees forms by the DDOs thereof. No.DGAT-Comp-Try-CPIS-467-90 dated 14.08.2013
Renewal of Emp. Group Janta Ins. Personnel Accidental Insurance Policy for 3rd.Year and ded. of Premium thereof No.FD-JI-2011-MF-GJPAIP-117 dated 26.06.2013
Reconcillation of expenditure-receipt figures No.DGAT-PS-DR-553 dated 19.06.2013
Dispensing with the Cheque System and extension of the Civil Acc. System to Public Works , PHE, I&FC , Power Dev. Deptt. and Forest Div. & others No.DGAT-PS-DR 531 060613
Physical verifcation of Pensioners for the Year 2013-14 No.DGAT-PS-DR-524 dated 03.06.2013
Recording of Complete Six Tier Classification No.DGAT-PS-DR-508 dated 28.05.2013
Implementation of Centralized Personnel Information System (CPIS) No.DGAT-PS-DR-497 dated 21.05.2013
Information regarding Claims of J&K Govt. on A.c. of Pension paid to the Pensioers of Northern Railways No.DGAT-PS-DR-479 dated 16.05.2013
Reconcillation of expenditure and receipt figures No.DGAT-PS-DR-478 dated 15.05.2013
Physical Verification of pensioners for the year 2013-14 No.DGAT-PS-DR-460 dated 10.05.2013
Clarification issued vide No.DGAT-PS-DR-453 dated 08.05.2013 regarding Dispensing with the 'Cheque System' and extension of the 'Civil Accounting System' to the Public Works,PHE,Irrigation & Flood Control,Power Development and Forest Divisions /other cheque drawing Units in J&K State.(Dated: 11-03-2013))
Dispensing with the 'Cheque System' and extension of the 'Civil Accounting System' to the Public Works,PHE,Irrigation & Flood Control,Power Development and Forest Divisions /other cheque drawing Units in J&K State.(Dated: 11-03-2013)
Use of Aadhaar boi device by employees and pensioners . Training thereof. No.DGAT-Comp-Try-Aadhaar-56 dated 02.12.2015
Memo Regarding Budget Estimates Under Constituency Development Fund Scheme Dated 20.03.2013
Payment of Pension to the Armed Forces Pensioners Dated 11.03.2013.
Contribution towords the 'Cancer Treatment and Management Fund for Poor'.
Subjecting of Service Books to per-check by the Accountant Gernal Before the Prepration of pension cases of retiring Govermanet Employees - a Measure for Speedy settelment for pension cases.
Excess payment of pensionto the State Pensioners by various Business Units of J&K Bank and Treasury Officers.
Training on TreasuryNet Application.
Physical Verification of Pensioners.